Hit by a car while biking

Posted by: Nov 20, 2014By Brian Stutheit

Here are questions and answers which arose when a client was hit by a car while biking in Fort Collins.

Q: I did not get the driver’s insurance card.  What should I do?

A:  If the police arrived at the scene, they will have asked the driver for his insurance information.  Get the police report.  If police were not on scene, but someone got the driver’s license plate, go to the police station and ask them to help find proof of insurance.

Q:  The driver offered to pay my medical bills and fix my bike without involving insurance.  Should I accept?

A: No.  Do you know how big your bills will be?  What if your back still hurts in two months? How will you force the driver to pay if he reneges? What if he pays some bills, then stops? You look suspicious filing an insurance claim weeks or months after an accident.  You are always better off making an insurance claim.

Q:  The driver’s insurance company sent me a form authorizing it to get all my medical records, employment records, mental health counseling records and tax returns.  Should I sign it?

A:  No.  The insurance company should obtain medical treatment records from your fall.  If you claim to have lost wages due to the accident, give them proof of what you lost.  Don’t let them get tax returns.  You don’t have to simply sign and return the insurance company form.  You may strike out objectionable parts, and limit how far back the records authorization goes.