HOA manager licensing

Posted by: Aug 14, 2019By Brian Stutheit

On May 31, 2019 Governor Polis vetoed a bill which would have continued to license community association managers.  As a result, the licensing program ended June 30, 2019. The Department of Regulatory Agencies no longer has authority to license HOA managers, require proof they have insurance, or require continuing education. The burden will be on HOA’s to protect themselves against unqualified managers. This affects a lot of people. According to the Colorado Division of Real Estate, approximately 44% of Coloradans live in a community governed by an HOA.  In his veto message, Governor Polis made some interesting statements.  He said 24% of the national workforce is now licensed, but in the 1950’s less than 5% of workers had to have a license.  He said licensing sometimes prevents the poor and minorities from entering into occupations.  He also said there is little data showing that licensing of association managers has actually protected consumers.  Governor Polis did issue an executive order that the Department of Regulatory Agencies should study the need and benefits of licensure, and make recommendations about “effective and efficient” oversight of community association managers. 

This is an interesting view from a governor whom many assume is always in favor of big government.