We specialize in slip or trip and fall claims, bicycle collisions and food poisoning cases.

Slip & Fall Cases We Have Settled

  • slip & fall inside Whole Foods Market
  • slip & fall in motel shower
  • slip & fall on ice from overflowing gutter at doctor’s front sidewalk
  • fall on spilled water in Red Robin
  • fall caused by construction in front of King Soopers

Our Most Recent Food Case

  • Cucumber contamination lawsuit against Jimmy Johns

Our Most Recent Bicycle Case

  • Rider in Fort Collins went over car which turned in front of her.

Questions a Lawyer Should Know the Answers To

  • Whose insurance pays my medical bills?
  • Who is responsible to shovel the snow on the sidewalk?
  • What if my health insurance is Medicare or Medicaid?
  • Should I give the insurance company a recorded statement?
  • When should I sue?
  • What if the other party is uninsured?
  • What do the phrases “look but fail to see” or “open and obvious” mean?
  • What is insurance subrogation?
  • Am I entitled to my attorney fees?
  • What evidence should I keep?
  • Should I submit to a medical exam?
  • Who is responsible for my fall, the owner, the tenant, the property manager?
  • Who is a trespasser, or business invitee, or who is a guest?  The distinctions are significant
  • What Colorado and federal laws control food safety?

Contact us for your initial slip & fall interview.  We offer hourly, and contingent fee arrangements, depending on the case.  Most case evaluation meetings are free.