Unemployment attorney fees

Posted by: May 24, 2013By Brian Stutheit

We will not take unemployment cases on a contingent fee basis.  Why?

a)  Contingency fees can be frustrating to clients and attorneys.  Contingency fees are usually a problem for the client or attorney:

  • If a case resolves quickly, such as when the other party gives up, clients may feel frustrated that the attorney was paid more than the attorney deserves.
  • If a case goes longer than expected, the attorney may be frustrated by lost time and expenses.

b)  Our fees are below market for licensed attorneys.  Other websites claim that attorneys require retainers up to $2,000.  We don’t.  The most you will pay for our experience, counsel and hard work is $750 to $900.  We allow payment by installments.  If we spend very little time helping you, you will only pay us for actual time spent.  Our fees a low, and predictable.

c)  Our experience is that some clients who are  unwilling to pay us as the work is done, become even more unwilling once the job is over.  Like everyone else who works for a living, we have people who depend on us to pay the bills.