If you need a lawyer’s help with Colorado Legal Guardianship or Conservatorship  you will need to hire a Colorado guardianship attorney.

Colorado Guardianship Attorney

Guardianships and Conservatorships

  • In a guardianship , the court appoints someone to manage the day-to-day living issues of the protected person. The guardian makes decisions regarding matters such as education, health care and housing.
  • In a conservatorship , the court appoints someone to manage the financial affairs of the protected person. Often, the conservator is the same person as the guardian.

What power might a guardian have for a loved one?

  • Choice of where the loved one resides;
  • Acceptance or denial of medical care;
  • Control of food, clothing and shelter;
  • Control of financial and contractual affairs;
  • Estate and asset preservation planning;

It is possible to be appointed guardian on an emergency basis, to direct someone’s medical care or prevent a loved one from being scammed.

Common terms, from the Colorado Courts website:

  • Petitioner: A person who files a Petition for the Appointment of a Guardian or Conservator
  • Conservator: A person at least 21, resident or non-resident, who has been appointed to manage the financial affairs of another person.
  • Guardian: A person at least 21, resident or non-resident, who has qualified as a Guardian of a minor or incapacitated person based on an appointment by the Court. The guardianship may be permanent or emergency.
  • Incapacitated Adult (guardianship):  Defined as one who is unable to effectively receive or evaluate information or both or make or communicate decisions to such an extent that the individual lacks the ability to satisfy essential requirements for physical health, safety, or self-care.
  • Protected Person (conservatorship): One who is unable to manage property and business affairs because of an inability to effectively receive or evaluate information or both or to make or communicate decisions.
  • Interested Persons: Persons identified by Colorado law who must be given notice of a guardianship proceeding.
  • Respondent: A person for whom the appointment of a Conservator or Guardian is required.
  • Court Visitor: A person who will interview the Respondent in person who will explain his/her rights and make recommendations to the Court. The Court must appoint a Court Visitor to investigate and report back to the Court, for the purpose of determining if the Guardianship is in the best interest of the Respondent.

As a Colorado guardianship attorney we handle every step for you in order to establish the guardianship or conservatorship. We draft and file the petition in the Probate Court,  serve it upon everyone entitled to notice, prepare and present witnesses, and are with you at every hearing. We will prepare and file the periodic reports required by the court after appointment. Hire a Colorado guardianship attorney you can trust.

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