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Stutheit & Gartland, P.C. has the highest possible peer rating from other attorneys and judges. A(highest quality)V(highest ethics) and Preeminent (peer rated highest level of professional skill).

Brian Stutheit promises to give candid opinions, sound advice based on years of experience, and to always work for your best interest.  We try to find prompt, effective, inexpensive solutions for clients. We are not afraid of the courtroom, and will not be intimidated. We will not gouge you for fees.

We practice law along the Front Range from Boulder south to Colorado Springs

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Attorney Brian Stutheit

Construction Law

Recognized by Denver Magazine as among Denver’s top construction attorneys.

We represent construction professionals, building owners, and home owners. We defend engineers and contractors against construction defect claims, but also litigate against builders and contractors on behalf of homeowners and property owners.

We have helped many roofers, siding contractors, remodeling contractors and other trades to create contract forms.

We know about homeowner insurance, mechanics liens, construction defect law, construction contracts, warranties,  and construction liability law.  We also handle realtor or seller fraud and nondisclosure cases for both buyers and sellers. Brian Stutheit has tried five such cases to verdict, and never lost.

Recently Colorado construction lawyer Brian Stutheit got homeowners a big settlement in a leaky roof claim, won an arbitration in Colorado Springs for homeowners whose $1.5 million  custom home was defective, won lawsuits for two engineers sued for defective design, filed liens and helped with collections on behalf of roofing, electrical, remodeling and painting contractors, obtained a court order assessing damages against a contractor who filed an unlawful lien against a home,  and persuaded a home builder to honor its warranty and repair a foundation.

Estate Planning, Powers of Attorney and Wills

Documents are prepared on an agreed fee basis.  No surprises.  We know our fees are lower than many attorneys for estate planning. Home visits available.  Financial and  health care powers of attorney.  Right to die or living wills. Prenuptial agreements, post-nuptial agreements and beneficiary deeds.

Homeowner Insurance Law

Bad faith failure to pay for home repairs, denial of coverage, insurance agent and broker negligence, problems with repair contractors, home warranty claims.

Mechanics Liens

Colorado mechanics lien attorney Brian Stutheit represents general contractors, subcontractors, materials and equipment suppliers and design professionals. We prepare, file and foreclose liens.

We also represent homeowners against liens.  Our record for persuading contractors not to file a lien is good, and we have never lost a spurious lien lawsuit (lawsuit to remove a lien from property).

Personal Injury – Slip and Fall, Auto Accidents and Food Poisoning

We have been representing injured people in cases like these for twenty five years.  For many years Brian Stutheit defended these cases for State Farm and St. Paul insurance companies. Brian won a food poisoning lawsuit against Jimmy Johns. He has handled many slip and fall cases successfully.


Brian Stutheit has been a probate lawyer for more than 25 years.  We open and administer probate estates, represent clients in guardianship and conservatorship matters.   We represent both creditors and heirs regarding claims by creditors. We help survivors deal with real estate, stocks, life insurance and other assets.

Compare our rates to  other professionals of similar experience. We practice probate law in  Arapahoe ,  Boulder,  Broomfield, Clear Creek, Denver, Douglas, El Paso and Jefferson Counties.

Probate Litigation

Correcting abuses of authority by trustees and personal representatives. Breach of fiduciary duty actions. Recovery of monies from people who stole from the deceased.  Disputes about inheritance. Fraud, undue influence,  misuse of powers of attorney, failure to account for expenditures. Will contests. Spouse inheritance disputes. Interpretation and enforcement of wills or trusts. Survivor rights to life insurance and retirement accounts.

Real Estate Law

Review of contracts for construction and remodeling or repairs, prosecution and defense of seller failure to disclose defects claims, warranty problems, premises liability for slip and fall, trespass.  Realtor negligence and breach of duty.

Unemployment Law

We appear at unemployment eligibility hearings and appeals as attorney for employers and employees. You will be charged a fixed fee rather than billed  on an hourly fee basis, so your attorney fees are predictable .   Every year unemployment lawyer Brian Stutheit wins dozens of unemployment appeals hearings. In 2015 Brian won a case in the Colorado Court of Appeals overturning the Division of Unemployment’s decision that a talent agent was an employer of its talent. This year we successfully defended a band which the Colorado Department of Labor was trying to force pay unemployment taxes, beat the City of Denver on behalf of a former employee, and proved for an employer that its fired worker should not receive benefits because he spent his lunch times in the parking lot of a liquor store.

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