Stutheit & Gartland, P.C. represents property owners threatened by mechanics liens. We also handle mechanics liens and collections for general contractors, subcontractors, and material suppliers. We handle lien disputes throughout the Front Range from our offices in Ken Caryl.

Homeowners and Property Owners

Mechanics liens are dangerous. Property owners can be  ordered to sell the property for payment. A filed lien makes it hard to refinance, or transfer title to property. It is best to prevent the lien being filed, rather than try to remove the lien after it is filed. Hiring a Colorado mechanics lien lawyer is advised the moment the contractor starts making threats.

As experienced a mechanics lien lawyers, we analyze whether the contractor has met the specific time limits and detailed procedural requirements to file a lien.  We tell you what you can do to force the release of a lien.  Is it best, under the circumstances, to do nothing? What should you do if your contractor does not pay its subcontractors, laborers, rental equipment or material suppliers and they are threatening a lien? What protection is it that you paid your contractor, already?

We recommend that any property owner dealing with a general contractor get signed lien waivers from subcontractors, material providers or others who are owed money for work on your property. Do not make the final payment to the contractor until you are satisfied with the work and have obtained signed waivers showing that every subcontractor has been paid. Or, make checks jointly payable to the contractor and its subcontractor.

If your property has been wrongfully liened, we know what to do.  If the only choice is going to court to have the lien removed and damages assessed, we have the experience to get that accomplished.

Construction Professionals

From our office in Littleton, we represent general contractors, subcontractors, and material suppliers  in mechanic’s lien matters.  We represent plumbers, electricians, framers, engineers and roofers.  We let you do your business while we get your lien notices out on time, to the right people. We protect you against having your rights expire.  We sue to foreclose liens.  We write demands and make property owners pay their rightful construction bills.

Enforcing a mechanic’s lien is not always the best way to secure payment. Rather than relying solely on the lien law to get paid we advise our clients of all of the other potential courses of action that are available, including claims for breach of contract, and violations by the general contractor of the trust statute. We will provide you with ideas how to get you paid as quickly and efficiently as possible.  We help construction professionals to improve their contracts to protect against property owners who refuse to pay. We sue homeowners who steal insurance benefits meant to pay the contractor.