Brian Stutheit named a Top Rated Denver Construction Defect Lawyer

We represent homeowners, commercial property owners, subcontractors, architects and engineers. As experienced construction defect attorneys in Colorado we know about homeowners insurance, liability insurance, construction contracts, home repairs, construction standards of care, home warranty law, realtor malpractice and construction professional negligence. Brian Stutheit has been recognized by his peers in Martindale-Hubbell, by Denver Magazine, and in Bests Directory for his construction law expertise.  We have been  doing construction law for many years.

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Experienced Colorado Construction Attorneys

Experienced legal guidance and strong representation regarding:

  • the Construction Defect Action Reform Act, or CDARA.
  • Contract disputes –  Breach of contract actions.  Disputes over work scope and quality, construction delays,  payment for labor and materials, and insurance coverage.  We focus on resolving disputes through the least expensive means possible, such as arbitration or mediation. We are not afraid to litigate if a fair settlement cannot be reached.
  • Construction defects –  We have litigated defective construction cases involving water intrusion at windows, mold, structural movement, roofing, plumbing negligence, hvac design and performance, floors, walls cracking, concrete flatwork problems, basement or foundation damage, stucco leaks, deck failure,  soil swelling and settlement, and exterior drainage and grade. We know the experts in construction and design.  We are experts in the law.
  • Construction and design professional defense – We represent contractors, tradesmen, architects and engineers in lawsuits related to construction defects, negligence and professional liability. Our goals are to aggressively defend against frivolous complaints, to protect your rights with your liability insurance company, and to make third-party claimants regret that they involved you in their lawsuit.
  • Liability Insurance –   We protect contractors whose liability insurance refuses to defend.  Screen your insurance policy for deadly insurance exclusions, such as prior completed work.
  • Mechanic’s liens – We preserve lien rights and handle lien litigation to assure that contractors and subcontractors are paid. We help property owners fight improper and spurious liens.
  • Warranties.
  • Real estate sale fraud, building inspector negligence and failure to disclose defects such as mold, roof leaks, cracks, foundation movement, sewer line problems, and other hidden defects.  We represent both buyers and sellers.
  • Arbitration and mediation.

Ask us for references from satisfied engineers, roofers, general contractors, and homeowners. We offer hourly, and contingent fee arrangements, depending on the case.  Sometimes we will charge hourly, but cap our total charges, so you know in advance the most you will have to pay.   Feel free to call us for free to assess whether we can help you, and to discuss fees.

 Construction Professional Tips

If you want attorney fees in the event of a dispute, provide for fees in your written agreement.  Without a written provision for attorney fees, you will be unlikely to recover them.

Under the so-called Spearin doctrine, a developer is deemed to warranty the adequacy of plans and specs it provides to a contractor. This doctrine can prevent a developer from suing its contractor, and may allow a contractor to sue the developer for losses which result from bad plans.

Owner Tips

Do not buy a new home until you understand the nature of the warranty.  For example, does the warranty allow the builder to make whatever repairs it decides are necessary, even though you think more should be done?

Do not sign a new home purchase agreement which requires arbitration unless you understand how it affects your rights to sue.