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Probate, Trusts and Estates Lawyer

We office in the Ken Caryl neighborhood of  Jefferson County, and handle estates and trusts from Boulder to Colorado Springs.  We pride ourselves of giving our clients attention, not shuffling papers.  The estate lawyer often becomes a true family counselor, helping the client work through both financial and personal issues.

Areas Where We Help

Estate Administration -Trust and estate attorneys advise upon and also handle the administration of estates. Attorneys confer and advise heirs and surviving family members family on various issues, including:
• Assistance to the executor with the preparation of the required probate documents and assist in valuation of estate assets
• Making insurance claims
• Dealing with creditors and claims against an estate
• Advising heirs how to transfer title, or sell  estate assets
• Arranging for the distribution of the estate’s net assets
• Defending executors against claims they are abusing their role, or representing heirs whose interest in the estate is not being given respect

Trust Administration
In the trust administration area, Brian K. Stutheit advises and consults with corporate and individual trustees concerning the discharge of the trust’s terms and consults with beneficiaries concerning trust administration matters including the preparation of trust accounts, spending of trust assets and trustee accountability.

Trust and Estate Litigation; Breach of Fiduciary Duty; Will Contests; Creditor Claims Against Estates; Abuse Of Power Of Attorney;
Surviving Spouse Rights and Support

We are experienced and effective counsel in will contests, probate, estate and trust litigation. The attorneys at Stutheit & Gartland, P.C. are ready to protect your rights and your inheritance. Contact us to schedule a initial consultation. Phone 303-321-3017.

Guardianships and Conservatorships

  • In a guardianship , the court appoints someone to manage the day-to-day living issues of the protected person. The guardian makes decisions regarding matters such as education, health care and housing.
  • In a conservatorship , the court appoints someone to manage the financial affairs of the protected person. Often, the conservator is the same person as the guardian.

Becoming someone’s guardian or conservator is not simple or automatic.  The courts are very protective of the independence of people, and cautious who they appoint to act for people.  Almost always a court considering whether to appoint a guardian or conservator sends an independent “visitor” to assess whether the appointment is necessary, and often the court appoints an attorney to represent the person who is disabled or incapacitated.  There are good reasons to speak to a lawyer before beginning the process.