Residential Roofing Contracts Update

Posted by: Apr 01, 2013By Brian Stutheit

Effective June 6, 2012 the new law regarding roofing contracts became effective.  The law can be found in the Colorado Revised Statutes, section 6-22-101 and following.

The purpose of the law is:  “to protect Colorado consumers by:

(a) Requiring roofing contractors offering to perform roofing work on residential property in this state to sign a written contract with property owners detailing the scope and cost of the roofing work and contact information for the roofing contractor;

(b) Requiring roofing contractors to permit property owners to rescind a contract for the performance of roofing work and obtain a refund of any deposit paid to the roofing contractor..”

The law only allows rescission of a contract within 72 hours after entering into the contract.

The law goes into great detail about what roofing work is subject to the law, and what must be included in every roofing contract.