Employment notices – fraudulent use of Social Security Number

Posted by: Nov 20, 2023By Brian Stutheit

Beginning the week of November 13, 2023, many people received notices from Colorado’s Division of Unemployment which told the recipients that their legitimate unemployment claims made during the COVID pandemic appear in hindsight years later to be fraudulent. This is another in a series of botched, erroneous actions by Colorado Unemployment. What should you do if you get such a notice?

A client of this firm advises that

  1. Just wanted to let you know I got some information on how to handle this and could help those others who called. 
  2. I found a Reddit thread here: 
  3. https://www.reddit.com/r/Unemployment/s/EdIh84vcG2
  4. I was able to call this number 303-318-9035 and opt 2 to speak to the fraud department. Apparently there’s around 180k people this got sent to and they’re weeding through to figure out which ones are fraud vs not. 
  5. They just asked me to confirm all of my details and put my name on a list to resolve my case. 

If you are unable to get through to Unemployment, you should appeal. Do not let the time period to appeal expire while you are awaiting a reversal from Unemployment. You do not want to have the Division of Unemployment claim that you waived your right to challenge their mistaken determination. You may file an appeal on your own, without a lawyer. What you are doing in filing the appeal is simply preserving your rights. Or, a lawyer can appeal for you. This law firm charges $450 to review your paperwork and write and file your appeal.

Good luck.