Power of Attorney basics

Posted by: Jun 22, 2023By Brian Stutheit

“Whether young or old, you should decide who will make medical and financial decisions
for you in case you become incapacitated by a debilitating physical disease or mental impairment,
whether permanent or temporary. In order to give legal effect to your decision, you should
prepare a document granting someone the legal ability to act on your behalf. The legal document
is called a durable power of attorney.” Caton, 2023 Colorado Senior Law Handbook.

If you are just now planning for your future, I recommend the basic information about powers of attorney found in the 2023 Senior Law Handbook, published by the Colorado Bar Association. You can access the Handbook online, at: https://www.cobar.org/seniorlawhandbook .

In the Handbook you can find a basic description of the differences between a medical power of attorney and a financial power. You will find guidance what to do if you suspect misuse of a power of attorney. You will also find model power of attorney forms.