Unemployment Identity Hold and Overpayment Suggestions

Posted by: Aug 14, 2023By Brian Stutheit

Unfortunately, the Colorado Division of Unemployment is still struggling with timely payments of benefits, and communications.

Many payment delays result from holds placed on claims while a claimant’s identity is verified. But even after a claimant provides the requested proofs of identity, nothing happens.

There is no way to appeal delay in payments. However, due to some recent bad publicity, the Department of Labor seems to be trying harder to respond to people whose claims are wrongfully delayed. What can you do to get action?

Try to get an explanation by phone. The telephone number dedicated to identity problems is 303-536-5615. If that doesn’t work, send emails to the director of the Department of Labor and to the office of Gov. Polis.

jbarela@state.co.us; gov_constituentservices@state.co.us

Many people call us having received an overpayment notice which comes without any explanation. The phone number to call for overpayment questions is 303-318-9035. Do not panic. These so-called overpayments are sometimes in error, and often forgiven, when the facts that you did everything you were supposed to do, and that you were not dishonest, get to Unemployment.

You may of course call our office. Sometimes, we can get answers where you cannot. But not always. We charge for trying to get your benefits, so whatever you can do in the way of self-help is best.