Denver unemployment lawyer Brian Stutheit interviewed on NPR

Posted by: Jul 31, 2014By Brian Stutheit

Colorado’s Division of Unemployment stresses collection of monies for alleged unemployment insurance overpayment and fraud. The Division does not play fair.  You need an attorney.

 Unemployment lawyer Brian Stutheit

was interviewed as a part of a Colorado Public Radio report on the State of Colorado’s push to make people repay unemployment benefits.  Mr. Stutheit speaks in the interview about the attitude of the State toward people it views as deadbeats, and a former client of Stutheit & Gartland speaks to his personal experience.

This is from the interview:

“Labor attorneys like Brian Stutheit, however, say the Labor Department isn’t as accommodating as it claims to be. Clients tell him the tone has changed.

You wouldn’t believe how often people come to me and say, ‘I was explaining my situation to somebody from the state, they cursed at me and hung up.’ Seriously.”

He said in his experience the Labor Department has never negotiated to waive penalties without formal hearings, but that he has  successfully appealed  past due assessments.

The radio report ran June 26, 2013 and may be located at:|Colorado_Becomes_One_of_States_Largest_Collection_Agencies